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A short story, or, My Google Search History Since Moving to Germany

when does the ubahn run
when does the last bus run in nuremberg
map nuremberg

weather in nuremberg
how to convert fahrenheit to celsius

what is cilantro in german

shoes to wear with dirndl
lyrics to the prost song oktoberfest

how to make friends with your roommates cat

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Veni Vidi (Vici)

I went to Italy over fall break, hence the cliche title. (Pictures below!) Read the rest of this entry »


I went to Frankfurt at the beginning of the month. It was a while ago now, but I keep making blog post drafts about stuff I did but never actually writing anything in them, so I’m trying to catch up a little.

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My Oktoberfest Experience

So last Sunday the roomie, some of her work colleagues, and I headed to Munich for Oktoberfest. Both of us had never been, so it was  certain to be an experience for both of us.

We caught the first train to Munich with a bunch of other dirndl-wearing folk, and by the time we got there, the train had picked up so many other people on the way that it was standing room only. It was a popular destination even on Sunday.

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Baggers und Apfelmus

Hi, I’m the Dork and I like food. Like, alot. And food is a big part of a culture, too. Every country, state, city, even individual families have their own ‘traditions’ about food, what you eat, how you make it, and who you eat it with.

Basically I’m excusing the fact that I talk about food so much. Bear with me here.

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I’m a Yankee!

I got called a Yankee at school last week in one of the classes I was observing- but it wasn’t because I’m from America.

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Fulbright Orientation

On August 31 140 university-age Americans met each other in the Cologne Hauptbahnhof. We didn’t know each other, but we found each other by the DB Info Stelle and picked up like we were old friends, introducing ourselves (re-introducing, for those of us who recognized names from the Facebook group), comparing travel horror stories (apparently several incoming flights had been cancelled and trains were late) and all in all relieved to have found other people in the same English-speaking, luggage-dragging boat.

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Was essen wir in den USA?

On the weekend I went to a big shopping center with my roommate (essentially a mall) that had a big grocery store (kind of like a Super Target). It’s a bit farther away than the other smaller grocery stores I’ve been to, but it was worth it because I bought the makings of guacamole, french toast, one-eyed sandwiches (egg-in-a-basket), and meatloaf, ‘typical’ American dishes I wanted to introduce my roommate to. Read the rest of this entry »

Quick Update- Orientation and Köln

I’m alive! It’s almost midnight here and I just got ‘home’ to Nürnberg from Köln/Cologne (aka the place where there’s a big cathedral and Karneval and that’s about all anyone knows) and the Teaching Assistant orientation (aka how not to get deported from Germany) in Wermelskirchen (aka the middle of nowhere). I spent most of the day running around the Domplatz (cathedral square) in Köln, being accosted by pigeons, and puzzling over a modern art museum.


For now, here are a few pictures- more detailed thoughts about orientation coming this weekend.


Kölner Dom


Jackson Pollock painting




Kölner Domplatz


Hey new Fulbrighter!

So you’ve gotten through the application process and the long months of waiting and have been accepted as an ETA in Germany, have you? You have all summer now to plan and freak out and tell everyone you’ve ever met and their dog that you’re moving to Europe for 10.5 months, but the real question is- now what?

The next few months are exciting. They are also scary. You get it? Well, you will.

Here are a few suggestions for how you could spend the summer before you move across the ocean. Read the rest of this entry »