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A short story, or, My Google Search History Since Moving to Germany

when does the ubahn run
when does the last bus run in nuremberg
map nuremberg

weather in nuremberg
how to convert fahrenheit to celsius

what is cilantro in german

shoes to wear with dirndl
lyrics to the prost song oktoberfest

how to make friends with your roommates cat

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Quick German Lessons- The best German idiom ever

Quick German lesson.

Wir sind dicke Freunde.
Literal: We are fat friends.
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Quick German Lessons- Why you so long?

It’s Sunday Funday! Or something.
Anyway, someone (my parents) told me I should intersperse some fun, silly posts on my blog about things I find interesting, like the cooking fails I put up recently. Therefore, welcome to Quick German Lessons with the dork! Today we’ll be talking about why German words are so dang long. Read the rest of this entry »