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I went to Frankfurt at the beginning of the month. It was a while ago now, but I keep making blog post drafts about stuff I did but never actually writing anything in them, so I’m trying to catch up a little.

My roommate had the family car for the week and was going to pick up a friend from the Frankfurt airport, so I tagged along for the ride after shuffling some of my classes around at school. (I was also sick, but that is a post for another time.) It was about a two and a half hour drive from Nuremberg to Frankfurt and it was a beautiful drive aside from all the construction on the Autobahn. There were a lot of picturesque little towns along the way that I tried and failed to get good pictures of, so here’s one of Würzburg from the internet.

We spent about 8 hours in Frankfurt am Main, which is largely industrialized. The historical pieces of the city I think were largely destroyed in WW2, and it has become a center for industry over the last century. Frankfurters are kind of proud of that, and call their city “Main-hattan” because of their skyscrapers, which are not very common in Germany. Along with some aimless wandering in the downtown area, we took a boat tour along the Main for a view of the skyline and went to the top of the Main Tower, which I think is really a normal skyscraper/business building but makes extra money by charging tourists to go to the viewing areas on the top floor and roof. That evening we went over to Sachsenhausen, a pretty famous district of the large city with some traditional cider houses and a main boulevard that’s usually bustling with tourists, restaurants, flea markets, and open shops, but it was mostly all closed for a “ruhe Tag” after the celebrations for German Unity Day over the weekend.

Below are some pictures I took. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 1.56.26 PM IMG_2515
IMG_2484 IMG_2507

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