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Of Changes

My finals are over as of yesterday. My grades are slowly coming back from my professors (four ‘A’s so far, cross your fingers for the last two), and I leave for Germany at the end of this month. I have a lot of work to do at my part-time job before I go so that I’m slightly-less behind when I come back in July, and I want to plan a few trips for while I’m in Europe before next week, because my roommate is leaving the country soon and I want to have things set with her before then. So far, we know that we want to go to Vienna and maybe Belgium. I received my renewed passport a couple weeks ago in the mail and already have a few things packed that I won’t need before I leave (my umbrella for example, which is entirely useless in Arizona). My mom asked me yesterday if I was excited or just nervous for the trip. I said that I was both!

Also, my sister is graduating from high school the day before I leave, which seems really weird because I feel like I just graduated myself. She is not staying home like dorky me did- she’s moving all the way across the country for college. I think she’ll do great even though we’ll miss her. (Maybe I could get her to post on my blog!) She also is excited and nervous about this next step in her education, and it’ll probably take a little while for her to adjust to being so far away, but I think she’ll have a great time once she gets used to it. The house will be weird without her, at least for me and my parents. My brother has been trying to kick me out ever since I started college, so maybe he’s looking forward to when we’re both gone and he can have the Playstation all to himself. In any case, I guess there are a lot of new things going on for our family in the upcoming months.

Also, to end this on a less philosophical note and because all things come in threes or something, I think I’ll mention a third change that is our new refrigerador, which currently two out of three dogs are terrified of. Exciting, right?

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