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So I’ve gotten out of the habit of posting anything at all here. Seriously, it’s into the fourth month of 2013 and I’ve put nothing up. So here goes.

I got an override for this semester, which means I’m taking 20 credits instead of 15 or 18. I totally changed my schedule around from what I said in my last post, though. I’m taking three German classes, intro to anthro, SPA 101, and one criminal justice class. It’s a lot of work, because half of my classes are upper division. I’m sorely out-educated in some of those. There are a lot of graduate students as my classmates in two of my German classes, and they know a lot more German than me, it feels like. Still, I’m doing the same work they are, for the most part, so I guess that should make me feel better about my skill level. I’m on track to graduate a year early, which means I need to pick up a minor or something.

Also, big news, and another reason I need to get back into some habit of writing- I’m going to be in Germany for a few weeks this summer! I’m participating a study abroad trip that is going to be really cool, and also a really good opportunity to grasp conversational German. There’s only about a dozen students going, and I know some of them already. There are also day trips to museums and historical places included in the trip fee, and we stay in a hotel for the duration of the program. I hope to blog about my experiences there, though I’m not sure how internet access will be. I’m really looking forward to it, and hopefully I’ll be able to write all about it here.

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