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Hey look, a blog post!

Finals are over and I’m done with the first half of sophomore year!  (My last final was this morning at seven-thirty, so forgive the lackluster title- I’m a bit brain-dead.)

Taking this many German classes at once was a bit strenuous. So, of course, I’m doing it again next semester. I think I learned a lot though, so we’ll see how next semester goes.

One course that I just finished was probably the hardest college class I’ve taken yet, and I went into it thinking it would be the easiest (cue panic in the first week of September when I realized I was wrong, horribly wrong…) because I had the same teacher my first semester. I had more years of German than almost everyone in that first class, so it wasn’t very difficult. I assumed the same of the class I took this semester and ended up being wrong. The focus was writing in German, not something I’ve ever been particularly good at, and we have five in-class essays instead of tests and one take home essay for extra credit. I already wrote yet another essay for an honors project. Anyway, it was a lot of writing, and it gave me a lot of much-needed practice. Hopefully some of it sticks, since I’m taking two German Lit classes in the spring semester.

Since this blog is about being a dork, I should probably mention that The Hobbit came out last weekend and I want to see it. (And also Les Miserables, which comes out soon.) I decided to reread the book (The Hobbit, not Les Miserables (which is really, really long)) since the movie came out and ended up finishing it in a day, so I moved on to the rest of the LoTR books. Since I had so much free time while studying for finals. Haha.

I don’t understand how Peter Jackson plans on making this into three movies. There was a lot going on in The Hobbit, yes, and two movies, I could see. But three? As my brother would say, Jackson probably just wants to add an extra layer of carpet to his money castle. I mean, the three books in the LoTR trilogy were made into only three movies, so why make The Hobbit into three when it’s just one book (and the shortest!)? Apparently some fans are even afraid that he’s going to stray too much from the “spirit of Tolkien” to make it long enough. I guess I’ll have to make my own opinion when I see it.

It doesn’t really feel like Christmas yet for some reason, but I think that’s because I’ve been busy with school. We have family coming in this weekend (yay!) and I need to clean off my desk (not so yay!) and this post got ramble-y so I’m going to be done now and get rid of all these old notes to make room for next semester’s work!

Merry Christmas!


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  1. Cheddarface says:

    And here’s one of the most endangered species on this side of Sydney- a Blog Post, I hear they’re called … I’m gonna poke it with a stick.

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