New Post!

It’s Spelled with a ‘u’!

I will be in Regensburg on Sunday! (And yes, I was having trouble remembering how to spell it, so hopefully this post will straighten it out in my head.)

I fly out on Saturday morning and arrive in Germany 24 hours later due to the time difference. From Munich (M√ľnchen), I’ll take a shuttle to my hotel in Regensburg, a city in southern Germany (in Bavaria, (or Bayern, if you speak German)) with another girl on the program who happens to be on the same flight as me. I’ll ¬†probably get in to town at noon, which is a shame because the hotel is only open from 9-11 am and 4-6 pm, so I’ll have to wait a few hours before I can check in. On Monday, we’ll be given a tour of Regensburg, and class will start on Tuesday.

We already have a few things planned for the first week. On the 29th, our professors have signed us up for a tour of the nearby BMW plant, and on the 31st we will go as a group to Munich for sightseeing.

Hopefully I will have enough internet access to put up blog posts. I want to try to do something blog-worthy every day, but we’ll see how that goes. Internet connectivity might be spotty, apparently, so I might have to write posts and save them for later when I can find a wifi signal somewhere.

I finished up whatever shopping I needed to do for the trip today, except that I don’t have a rain coat, which might be a problem. I’ll try another store tomorrow and see if I can find anything- rain coats are hard to come by in Arizona. Otherwise, I’m pretty much set to go!

See you soon, Germany!

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