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Wait, what?

Or, A List of Ten Weird Things I’ve Seen in my Dorm Hall

1. Too many boys with pierced ears

2. Girls carthweeling down the hall half an hour before midnight

3. People longboarding down the hall

4. People falling off their longboard as they go down the hall

5. Students gathering excitedly in a lounge to watch Spongebob

6. Someone moving their bed out of their room, in pieces, and putting it back together in a lounge against the wall-to-ceiling windows

7. A strange prank involving empty water jugs and piling fruit up on a door handle

8 Insults being traded back and forth on whiteboards attached to room doors

9. Compliments being traded back and forth on whiteboards attached to room doors

10. A cup attached to a door asking for your loose change as a donation to the hookah fund


To be continued…

4 Comments on “Wait, what?”

  1. Jeff says:

    Sounds like fun, and glad to see college hasn’t changed that much since I was there 30 (ouch!) years ago.
    I’ve heard it said that everone is someone else’s weirdo.
    So who knows, maybe something you’ve done is on somebody’s list on their blog? ;-)

  2. Shennel says:

    See…I would most likely be caught doing number 5 because I’m just that…silly. But lovable =P Lol. In a way, I feel like I’m stalking you, but that’s because I love reading what you have to say. =D

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