New Post!

Cooking American in Germany: Meatloaf Edition

So if you’ve talked to me face-to-face/screen within the last week you probably heard me say that I need a hobby that I can do that doesn’t involve stuffing my face. Because let’s be honest, I could eat 24/7. I did buy a second-hand bike earlier this week, and it’s been really nice to have so far, even though the brakes are basically shot. (I can slow down… and that’s about it. Enter the Flintstones braking method.)

Otherwise, untilĀ I can get to into a library, start teaching, and perhaps join a choir, I’ve noticed that I have a lot of empty free time on my hands, especially when my roommate works nights. Maybe even after all three of those things start happening, I may still find extra time that I don’t know what to do with. I can’t travel EVERY week, because I’m keeping an eye on my budget, particularly as I likely won’t be paid for another month. The choir class, if I get it squared away, doesn’t begin until mid-October. I don’t start teaching for another two weeks.

SO, introducing a new section of my blog, where instead of eating food…. I write about it. That’s right, recipe time. Read the rest of this entry »