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Bischofshof Brewery

On June 12 we went to a local brewery in Regensburg. Germany (or just Bavaria, not sure) has a beer purity law in which they are only allowed to have four ingredients in their beer, and some beers can only be sold in the region they are made and others can be sold world-wide. I’m not exactly sure why that is or how that works, but this brewery produces two brands, one which is only sold in Regensburg, and one which is sold world-wide. They’re going to start selling in Tempe soon, apparently, and even the previous pope has drank their beer!

The boss at this brewery is involved in Tempe Sister Cities, a program that promotes a relationship between Tempe and Regensburg, and he was very generous and gave us a personal tour. He showed us where the beer is made, stored, and how it gets bottled. There is even a bottle-cleaning area, since they recieve recycled bottles and refill them (Germany is big on recycling). The filling area was pretty neat, really loud, and there was literally beer everywhere. The rooms where beer was cooking/fermenting smelled really bad.

Afterward, we went to the brewery’s nearby beer garden and had a chance to try a bunch of beer samples. I actually liked a oouple of them, but I was more interested in the freshly baked pretzels myself.

I’m currently on a train to Berlin borrowing my friend’s hotspot from her phone to post this, so I apologize for the rushed nature of this post. I’ll edit this later and add photos- didn’t bring the camera adapter with me on the train.

2 Comments on “Bischofshof Brewery”

  1. Aunt Elaine says:

    Ahh! German pretzels and beer!! Yum!

  2. Grandmom and pop says:

    All you ned to be happy is a good German beer and an oompah band

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